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Fermentation-culture Promotion Agency is a registered non-profit organization with the goal of contributing to the healthier development of fields such as food, medicine, chemical products, and renewable energy by promoting the culture of fermentation and disseminating related technologies.

The Japanese people have, since ancient times, used fermentation techniques to elongate the shelf life and enhance the nutritional value of their food. The use of such techniques are embedded into the Japanese culture as a culture of fermented food. Today, fermentation techniques are drawing attention as a technology that can be applied in many fields. Developing more efficient alternative energy sources, implementing manufacturing methods with minimal environmental impact, and dealing with the problems of waste disposal and food—these are issues of a global scale, not just of Japan. Those of us living today have the obligation of striving to solve these issues. We believe that fermentation technology is a technology that can save humans and the earth, and should not be limited to the traditional food-related techniques. We feel that researching and imparting fermentation technology is necessary, with a view to its wider use.

Our organization cooperates with partners to advance fermentation technology. We hold seminars about fermentation food culture and fermentation technology, form research groups for the study of fermentation technology, disseminate information about fermentation technology, and act on other initiatives using fermentation technology. We are determined to work to be of some help toward solving the many problems faced by the world, to contribute to society—not limited to Japan, but also internationally on a global scale.

Takeo Koizumi Profile

Dr. Takeo Koizumi (小泉武夫), is an honorary professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture in Japan.

He is director of the Fermentation-culture Promotion Agency and serves concurrently as a food-related advisor for many national and local governmental groups.

He has written more than one hundred books relating to food.


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